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At Owlet, we help parents keep their little ones safe so they can enjoy fuller lives.

Innovative products alone aren’t enough—to create life-changing products meant for every baby, we must surround ourselves with a variety of voices committed to keeping our youngest generations safe from intolerance and strive to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive society.

"Owlet believes every baby deserves to be protected, cared for and loved. We know that every baby and every parent are different, so crucial to fulfilling our Every Baby vision is diversity, equity & inclusion. At Owlet, it’s more than just a program—it's a key part of our strategy to fulfill our unique mission and vision as a company."

Our hiring data for women and underrepresented minorities over the past few years is a reminder to us that progress comes with education around unconscious bias, and we're highly encouraged that our workforce will continue to become more representative at all levels of the company.

Data as of July 2020. To align with U.S. government reporting requirements, data on this page uses the traditional gender categories of male and female. Owlet respects that gender is not binary for everyone, and reporting in this manner should not represent our position on the issue. Underrepresented minorities: groups whose representation in tech has been historically low - Black, Hispanic, Native America and Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander. Data supplied by the Owlet Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee. Totals may not add up to 100 duo to rounding.