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Owlet Cares

Owlet's mission is to empower parents to give care at home.

Owlet Cares supports our overall mission through advocacy, charitable and research initiatives that support families and communities.

We exist for every baby, every parent.

Our Million-Dollar Pledge

In 2021, Owlet announced that 1 million babies had been monitored using our technology. As we continue working toward our vision of reaching every baby and every parent, we are committed to donating $1 million in product and charitable support.

We do this by partnering with mostly parent-led organizations across the country that participate in our 2:1 match program. Every time they purchase one Owlet product, we match it with two - meaning three families are reached.

We also support like-minded organizations through impactful product deliveries, event sponsorships and education initiatives.

Have questions about the Owlet Cares program? Contact us here.

Nursery of Hope

Each October in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, we host the Nursery of Hope - a nationwide event where we come together with parents, families and friends to plant a legacy tree in memory of babies who are gone but never forgotten.

At Owlet, our mission is to reach every baby and every parent. Part of this mission includes providing a safe and supportive place for parents to celebrate and honor the little ones who are no longer with us. Many of the organizations we work with have hosted their own Nursery of Hope events since we launched the program in 2019.

Read more about the Nursery of Hope and its impact here.

Socks for Ukraine

In early 2022, like parents all over the world, we were heart broken and shocked to watch thousands of Ukrainians be displaced from their homes.

Our mission to reach every baby and every parent compelled us to act. Together with several parent-led nonprofit organizations, Owlet employees and the Global Empowerment Mission, the Owlet Cares program donated 650 monitors to support Ukrainian refugees. We're so grateful to our partners for linking arms with us to deliver peace of mind to families and babies in need.

Clinical Research

Our pursuit of every baby, every parent includes research to further our mission of empowering parents to give care at home. In addition to research to show the accuracy, safety and usability of our technologies in the home, we work with clinicians and research institutions to leverage our massive set of infant data and power studies. Studies utilizing Owlet’s insights and data have been published in peer-reviewed journals including The Journal of Pediatrics and Frontiers in Pediatrics, and others.

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Reaching every baby and every parent starts with you.

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