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The Owlet® Cam 2

Get to know the Owlet Cam 2 video monitor and see how we’re helping parents on their journey to better sleep!

Setup & Mounting
Enabling Video Clips
Audio & Light Settings
Predictive Sleep Technoligy

Set up & Mounting

How to install your Owlet Cam to your wall:

Video Clips

To enable this feature:

  • Click the settings icon on your App home screen

  • Scroll to and click on “Notifications”

  • Toggle on each feature type

  • Check the box for “record a video clip” below each feature

Audio & Light Settings

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Predictive Sleep Technology with Cam 2

Cam 2 users have access to Predictive Sleep Technology in the Owlet Dream App. Receive a personalized bedtime on the home screen of the Dream App after manually logging Baby’s naps in the App. This way, you will know when Baby will start to get tired, so you can better plan your day & your to-do list.

Owlet Cam 2 FAQs

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