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More Data, Less Worry

83% of Owlet parents report having better sleep while using the Smart Sock on their baby.

Clinically Proven Technology

Using clinically proven technology called Pulse Oximetry, Owlet tracks a child’s heart rate and oxygen level and notifies if levels are higher or lower than preset levels. These levels are a good indicator of overall wellness.

Smart Technology. Smart Parenting

Smart Sock

Tracks your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels with clinically proven technology.

Base Station

Collects Smart Sock data and is designed to notify you with light and sound if levels go out of range.

Mobile App

Connects to Base Station and streams live heart rate and oxygen levels to view from anywhere.

5 Stars

"It gives me a peace of mind and allows me to sleep!"

5 Stars

“I love the peace of mind this brings.”

"I recommend this product to every new parent I come across."
Bree & Lay's Mom - Stockton, CA

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