10 Fun Holiday-themed Pregnancy Reveals

Ready to break the big news but not quite sure how? Take advantage of the added flare of the holidays to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends! Here are 10 fun ideas to help you reveal your joyful news.

1. Picture with Santa

If you have other children this can be really fun. Have them hold the ultrasound picture while they take a picture with Santa. Even if they only cry, as many children do on Santa’s lap, you can create a super cute announcement with a witty phrase about “baby brother/sister coming in August,” with your respective information, of course. If it’s your first, your Santa picture will be adorable with Santa or your husband making a surprise face and a “baby coming soon!” sign.

Big brother holiday baby announcement - Memories by Deanna (1)

Photo courtesy of Memories by Deanna

2. Displaying the expected “gift”

Wrap up that bump with a bow or hold a gift above your belly to announce that you’re expecting the best gift of all. This would also be a cute picture to add to a nice frame and include in your annual décor, helping you always remember the special holiday season when you were pregnant.

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement - Merrick's Art (1)

Photo courtesy of Merrick’s Art

3. Giving “Grandparent” shirts as gifts

Create or order some funny shirts that say “grandma,” “grandpa,” “uncle,” “aunt,” etc. and watch your family’s surprised faces when they realize what that means. You could also use this idea on a card or gift tag for the same effect.

4. Maternity Christmas sweater

There are some adorable Christmas sweaters that can help you announce your baby’s pending arrival. Whether it’s an ornament on the bump, or mistle-“toes” with tiny footprints on your belly, a picture on your Christmas card with this sweater will be a happy surprise for all of your loved ones this holiday season.

5. Little stocking

Hang your stockings by the fire with care, including a mini stocking for baby! Take a picture of the stockings hanging by the warm fireplace with a banner or added text about your new addition for the Christmas cards or social media. This will be another keepsake you’ll want to display every year.

Christmas decoration over wooden background

6. Christmas list

Use a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even just a piece of paper to write a simple Christmas list, and make sure you include “new baby” as one of the items. Draw checkboxes next to each item and put a check next to the baby line.

7. New Year’s Resolution

If you’d rather wait until the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day is another great time to announce your pregnancy. In fact for my second pregnancy, I simply posted a picture of my positive pregnancy tests (just the window, not the pee part) with the caption “this year, I resolve to gain 30 pounds,” and the irony of the goal along with the photos was a fun way to announce our pregnancy. You could write a list of goals and include any number of baby-related ones, and expect a very happy response.

8. Silhouette bump pic

Take the classic silhouette picture up a notch by taking it in front of your Christmas tree. The soft glow of the lights with the dark outline of your baby bump is a beautiful and classic way to share your news.


Photography by EmiB Photography.

9. Santa-Sonogram

If you have some decent photo-editing skills, scan your sonogram and add a Santa hat to the baby’s head and a candy cane in his/her hand. This festive picture will be a big hit, and of course, must be added to your yearly décor.

10. Create a special ornament

You can buy empty glass bulb ornaments that can be opened. Drop in your sonogram, some blue or pink paint or ribbon, or even some tiny baby shoes, with a tag explaining the reason. This ornament will be beloved for years to come.

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What to Give the Dad-to-be This Holiday Season

As with first time motherhood, becoming a dad is a pretty momentous life event. In all of the excitement of preparing to welcome your new baby, dads can sometimes get looked over when it comes to Christmas shopping. So whether it’s incorporating ways to help him feel like a dad, or encouraging him to help prep for baby, you can help him feel special and a part of the process. And, since the holiday season is here, here are eight fun gift ideas that answer the question: What to give the dad-to-be this holiday season:

Holiday gifts for dad-to-be

1. Rookie Dad T-shirt ($27.95)
One of the positives about this tee is that it isn’t too cutesy, but still highlights that he’s a new dad. Bonus points if he’s into sports, since the whole “rookie” term is kind of sports-ish.

2. Engraved Swiss Army Knife ($53.95)
Perfect for the gadget lover, you can personalize this knife with your baby’s name and birthday, or maybe just with “Dad.”

3. New Dad Survival Kit ($99.95)
I love this kit because it includes a “manly” diaper bag, among other great things that will help inject a little humor and fun into the “first-time dad” experience.

4. Be Prepared ($9.85)
This is a little dad survival manual, packed with information on everything from how to change a baby’s diaper at a sports stadium, to how to create a decoy remote control drawer. (Because we all know that babies love the remotes!)

5. My Dad Loves Me! ($5.99)
Tell me that this cute little book won’t give him (and you) all of the warm and fuzzies when you think about him reading the book to your new little one.

6. Personalized Money Clip ($15.00)
Utilitarian, yet meaningful, this is a great idea if he’s not a wallet guy, and is also maybe a touch sentimental.

7. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones ($84.99)
Let’s face it, crying babies can kind of be stressful. So when he (or you) needs to take a break from the noise, he can use these great wireless headphones and recharge.

8. Favorite Sports Team Onesie (Prices vary)
If he’s a sports fan, you can get him some matching dad and baby sports gear. Because matching is pretty dang cute.

Looking for even more great gift ideas? Check out our best tech gifts for dads as well as eight great ways to celebrate dad’s first Father’s Day. (All of which could be used for the holidays.)

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We give you peace, and you give joy!


This holiday season we’re making it our mission to spread hope and joy among the children hospitalized across the country by donating a portion of our proceeds to the “Stockings For Hope” foundation. We chose to partner with hospitals, not at random, but with a purpose aligned with our own here at Owlet: to change lives and build hope in parents and children. You can join us in this great cause with the purchase of an Owlet.

A portion of every Owlet purchased from now until December 15 will help provide a “Stocking for Hope” for a child who is spending their holiday in a hospital room this year. These stockings will be filled with toys, treats, and games to help bring a little hope, and a lot of joy, to the children who need it most this season.

We give you peace of mind, and you bring joy to a child in need. Join us in our efforts to brighten a child’s day this holiday season and purchase an Owlet to contribute to this great cause.

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Best Tech for Parents – Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide-Tech-Loving Parent

It’s that time of year! Wishlists are being made and gifts are being purchased. Stumped on what to get the technology-loving parent in your life? Whether it’s your spouse, adult, child or friend, we’ve got you covered with the Best Tech for Parents list. You can thank us later ;).

4moms moxi stroller – Designed for today’s parent by incorporating technology to elevate the strolling experience. It has power on board and multiple seat configurations so you can get the most out of your parenting journey. Learn all about the moxi here.

UviCube – Your cell phone, your TV remote, bottles, pacifiers and more, the UviCube was designed with parenting in mind. Utilizing germicidal properties of UV light, UviCube eliminates 99.9% of germs on surfaces that are exposed to UV light. Explore the UviCube here.

Owlet Baby Monitor – As parents ourselves, who designed this with other parents in mind, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the Owlet on this list. Peace of mind — is there a better gift than that? Incredible technology simplified and made appropriate for home use. Tens of thousands of parents love the Owlet Monitor and you will too, so order now.

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