10 Funny Father’s Day Cards

When it comes to holidays and my birthday, I love a good card. Be it sarcastic, witty or sentimental, I love them all. (Except the really schmaltzy ones… but then again, it depends on the giver. Grandma and Grandpa are totally exempt.) Father’s Day is a great holiday to give an offbeat and funny card, be it to your dad, husband or your father-in-law. Since I’m not very crafty, I like to support small businesses that infuse a little uniqueness and fun into their cards. Basically, I try to find something I would have created, if I had the talent and wherewithal to do so.

Here are 10 of my favorite funny Father’s Day cards, all of which are less than $5, and one of which is an instant download (insert dancing emoji here):

Funny Father's Day Cards

1  ||  2  ||  3  ||  4  ||  5  ||  6  ||  7  ||  8  ||  9  ||  10


Number seven might be my current favorite, but that’s just because I am living in that world right now. (And what a world it is.) I was excited to find number one, because a good father-in-law card is hard to find. Number ten is kind of the story of my life, and number six is most likely the funniest, if you appreciate sardonic humor, like me. But honestly, I don’t think there’s a bad one in the bunch.  

Which card is your favorite? Will you be gifting a funny Father’s Day card this year?  

—Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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6 stages of pregnancy, as told by puppies

Parenting is the scariest and most amazing thing in the world. Soon-to-be parents wait in anticipation of the moment when their little one is born. Often it took some time to get pregnant, which adds to the excitement. Here are 6 familiar stages of pregnancy, as demonstrated by adorable puppies.


Yay! We’re having a baby!



Here’s when reality sets in… as well as morning sickness. Pregnancy is exciting, but it is also nerve-wracking.


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Tech Gifts for Dad


Father’s Day is just the around corner, and it’s not too late to get the fathers in your life the perfect, most impressive gift yet. Are you looking for tech gifts for Dad? Whether he’s new to the tech world or a seasoned pro in all things “smart,” this guide has something for every level of tech enthusiast and every wallet size, as well.

1.     Sensoglove

Give dad the gift of a better golf swing with the Sensoglove. It’s a smart golf glove that analyzes Dad’s golf swing and gives him advice on how to perfect his form. By using sensors throughout the glove, the Sensoglove gives feedback on Dad’s grip based on the pressure it reads, so Dad can improve his game and win every round from now on. Get it here.sensoglove

2.     Roku 3 media streamer

Give Dad the gift of options with the Roku 3 media streamer. The Roku 3 has the same basic features as the other models, hosting all of Dad’s favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Watch ESPN, but is faster and has a longer range than its predecessors. It also includes a headphone jack on the remote control, so Dad can watch his shows on the big screen without waking up the family and without being strapped to a stationary device. Get the Roku 3 here.roku

3.     Flic – wireless smart button

Flic is an incredible little device that has endless possibilities. Flic is a small button that can be programmed to do any variety of tasks. For example, Dad could program Flic to turn off all of the house lights with one click, find his smartphone with two clicks, and call his wife with a long hold of the button. It can be used in the house, the car, and even on the go. Buy your Flic smart button here.flic

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Follow Friday | 5.20.2016

Hi Mamas! It’s Friday (woohoo!) and we’re back sharing more of our absolutely, must follow bloggers that we simply adore. (Missed our inaugural Follow Friday post? Fear not — you can check it out here.)

Best Bloggers to Follow

From left to right, clockwise: Megan of A Blessed Nest; Katie of Clarks Condensed; Sara of Love By Lynn; Ashley of Ashley’s Fresh Fix

Get to know these fabulous moms—

Megan of A Blessed Nest (follow her on Instagram @blessednestblog). You can look to Megan for everything marriage, motherhood and making your house a home. See what this mom-to-two has to say about the Owlet Monitor here.

Katie of Clarks Condensed (follow her on Instagram @katie_clarkscondensed). Katie has been a supporter of Owlet since the very beginning, and we are so grateful to her! Check out her blog, where she shares tips on everything from food and fun to frugal living, plus read her Owlet review, here.

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