How to Play and Bond With a Newborn Baby

bond with baby

Although they’re quite limited in their size, attention span, vision, and verbal capabilities, newborns are still super fun to play and interact with. Establishing a strong bond with baby early on is vital to the development of your baby, and will make your life as a parent much easier. A strong bond will help you endure long nights of feeding, endless days of diaper-changing, and cause you to feel overwhelming joy at the first smile your baby gives you. Both you and your spouse can benefit from spending some time interacting with your new baby to strengthen that special bond.

Here are some ways to play and bond with your new baby, beyond the basic feeding, changing, and rocking to sleep.

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Free Printable: So Many of My Smiles Begin With You

So Many of My Smiles Begin With You

We’re back with the second FREE downloadable printable as part of our ‘love’ theme this month. Did you miss our ‘You are Loved’ printable? Grab that here.

So many of my smiles begin with you – free printable download

As a parent, this quote is so accurate. Parenthood is tough… really tough, but when you really stop to think about it, so many of life’s best moments—those moments where you’re smiling so much your face hurts—are tied to moments spent with your little one. Some of those ‘smiles’ may have been before they were even born and so many came after they arrived. I can’t not smile when reading this quote. It has a very prominent position in our home, because it serves as a wonderful reminder every day of the joy of parenthood.

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Should You Find Out the Gender of Your Baby?



Pregnancy is an amazing journey full of milestones, doctor check-ups, and an expanding belly. For some, they know without a doubt that they will find out the gender of their baby. While for others, they definitely do not. So, what do you do: find out the gender of your baby or not? We’ll highlight the pros and cons of each decision.

Obviously, the pros of finding out the gender are that you’ll know exactly (unless by some very small percentage your doctor is wrong) how to plan once the arrival of your baby comes. You’ll be able to plan accordingly, but do you realize just how many things you’ll need to plan for baby? This point is probably the most important element to consider when you are making the decision to find out what you are having. For starters, let’s start with where the baby will live: their nursery.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Garland | Tutorial + Free Download

Be Mine Valentine. A super cute FREE Valentine's Day Printable!! Totally pinning!

All you need is love… maybe…. ….that is probably what most young, in love couples think.

I remember being newly married, broke and totally in love.

Back then it was the simple things that made us happy, which was a good thing, because there wasn’t much else.

Then, life got busier and it was easy to forget the little stuff. The little things that make life sweet. Sometimes it was the little things that made us the most frustrated…

… why is that?

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