How to Create an Emergency Kit for Your Baby

You may have an emergency kit for your family in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situation, or maybe a car emergency kit for car-related emergencies, but do those kits contain the essentials needed to care for a baby? Most people don’t think to add “create an emergency kit for baby” to their nesting list, but if you find yourself relying on your emergency kits, you will be grateful you created one for your baby to keep them safe and happy during troubled times. Here are some items to consider as you create an emergency kit for your own baby.


Emergency Kit Essentials

Food – The recommendation from is to store 3 days worth of food, but babies’ food requirements are different than the rest of the family’s. Baby food is always a good idea, as the jars can be reused and it also has high water content to provide water without using your water supply. In addition to traditional baby food, canned fruit and veggies are also a good food item for babies. Non-perishables such as crackers and dry cereal are also suitable for babies.

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Water – The general recommendation for water is 1 gallon of water per person per day, but a baby will likely consume less water than this amount. However. a gallon should still be the goal to shoot for, as that water may be needed for mixing formula or evaporated milk, washing, sanitizing, or to help another in need of water.

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Introducing Owlet’s Library of the Soul

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When we created Owlet we wanted to do more than just provide peace of mind to parents with new little ones. We wanted to create a community of parents, a family if you will. Parenting is exciting, new and so scary all at the same time and we shouldn’t have to go through this crazy journey on our own! What if there was a place you could go to submit stories, experiences and read other parents’ experiences and lift them up, too?

Introducing Owlet’s Library of the Soul. This is a place for you to go when you need inspiration, advice or want to lend a helping hand. All of the stories you will find on Library of the Soul are real experiences from parents like you. If you want to, leave a comment and let them know someone was there to listen to their triumph or tragedy.

Take a sneak peek into some of the stories you can find on Library of the Soul below.

Coming Home From the NICU

“As much as I loved all of his nurses and doctors, I thought they were crazy when they began to tell me that he could come home so soon. What were they thinking? He was just 4lbs 6 oz! Surely a human that small should stay in the hospital until they are bigger.”

Breastfeeding Was Not For Me

“After about three weeks of strictly formula feelings, those guilty feelings have past. Looking back I feel that I made the right decision. Breast feeding was not for me and I’m ok with that. She is a perfectly healthy growing baby who loves to eat! My advice to new moms who struggle with breast feeding is to do what works for you and your baby. Not what anyone else thinks.”


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4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Baby Product


As we continue to honor Baby Safety month, we have compiled a list of safety questions you should ask before purchasing a baby product. With so many baby products available, you’ll want the knowledge to make the best decision for purchasing. Here are four questions to ask.


Obviously, a recalled product would not be on store shelves if it has been recalled. However, there are many money saving options available through Facebook Yard Sales, Craigslist, even friends who are willing to let you borrow their baby products.  However, if you intend to use a second-hand product, this is where you’ll want to do your research.

Search for items at to make sure it’s up to today’s safety standards. This government-run website posts all recalls for more than 15,000 products, including most baby goods.



It may be tempting to purchase a baby product that you’ve heard other moms rave about, but only purchase it if it fits your child’s age limit. Products provide age limits and/or weight limits for use and are a guideline for your baby’s safety. From baby carriers, baby seats, sleep blankets and toys each product should have an age limit listed that you must abide by.

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