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Parents love the Owlet app and the freedom it gives them to check in on their little one from anywhere around the world (hence the nickname “Owlet on the Go”)! And believe it or not, the app is jam-packed with more features than just checking in. Now that the app is available for both Android and Apple devices, even more parents can join in on the peace of mind. Read on to learn more about the Owlet app and features that parents are raving about below!

Check Battery Life

Wondering if you’ll need to charge the sock before nap time? You can check the battery life in the app. Just go to settings and at the bottom-left corner of the page and you will see a percentage charge left in the sock. Note: Make sure the sock is NOT plugged into the Base Station when you check for battery life. Otherwise the app will just say “Charging” to indicate the sock is charging.


Turn the Base Station On/Off

You’re already snuggled up under the covers and you forgot to turn the Base Station on? No worries! Just open the app up to the home page and in the left corner you will see a Base Station graphic. Just press that little Base Station button and it will turn the Base Station on or off.


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Why Wonder When You Can Know


Parenthood comes with a lot of worries. Will my baby be healthy? Will my baby develop properly? Will my baby get hurt? Will I be able to protect my baby? Will my baby grow up to be a good person? Will I be a good parent? I think that almost every parent can relate to at least some of these worries. We want to do everything we can for our sweet little ones so that they can grow up to live a good life.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Parental fears are very real. You may think that you’re the only one deliriously staying up all night with your newborn, but only 5% of parents of newborns report getting a full 8 hours of sleep regularly. Forty-three percent report only getting 1-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Some of this lack of sleep is because the little one is waking up throughout the night, but some of it is because the parents are worrying about their baby.

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8 Things I Said I’d NEVER Do As A Mom

It’s so easy to look at someone else and spot our differences. We see people in a different phase of life than our own and immediately assess how they’re doing, and how we’d do things differently. This is probably most often the case with parents.

I know I did it. Before I had my own children, I saw parents of babies or children around me and was so ignorant. “Really?” I’d think. “You just LET your kid wear pajamas to the store? Don’t you realize people can SEE you?” Sometimes I wish I could just go back and slap my pre-mom self for being so judgmental. I wrote a more serious post about this on the Owlet blog last year, about my failures as a mom, and why I keep going.

But alas, I’ve succumbed to several of the “parenting don’ts” that I swore I’d never do. And thankfully I’ve grown up and realized that not only are most of these not a big deal, but part of my kid’s childhood.

And here are 8 [of the probably dozens] of them:

  1. Posted messy pictures of my kids online (think spaghetti).

Isn’t this just a rite of passage? I used to scroll through my Facebook or Instagram and see my friends posting pictures of their kids covered in spaghetti sauce or mud and be so appalled. How could they think that was not only cute, but worth sharing?

Well, enter my first child, who was perfectly angelic even when covered in her own food. I am fully aware that I am probably the only one who thinks she’s cute even when she’s actually disgusting, but in the moment I am convinced her hilarious, if not disgusting, antics are adorable to everyone.



  1. Ignored my kids whining in public

I would see moms pushing their carts while browsing the magazine covers at the store whilst their children whined and thought, “You’re just going to let them do that?”

Oh, yes. You bet she is.

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One Mom’s Week-by-Week Pregnancy Diary


Pregnancy is wonderful, and tough. It’s full of awkwardness, discomfort, crying, desperation, hilarious situations, and lots of trips to the bathroom.

And though no two pregnancies are the same, it’s still nice to have someone who’s been in your situation to commiserate with. So to that end, here are the experiences of one mom each week of her pregnancy in her week-by-week pregnancy diary. Laugh, cry, and stress right along with her as she documents each stage of her pregnancy.

The First Trimester

First Trimester Survival Guide

Week 4 – Finding out about the pregnancy

Weeks 5-8 – The Panorama Blood Test

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