Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Here’s the thing about moms: it’s never about us. It’s just instinct to put other’s needs first. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, working, exercising – the reasons for all that we do are usually motivated by our families. Everything we do, we do it for you (Bryan Adams knows).

So for Mother’s Day this year, give the moms in your life the gift of themselves, or at least a gift of simplicity for their ever-giving, selfless lives. Check out this guide for 15 of of the best Mother’s Day gifts the moms in your life are sure to love and appreciate.

1.     Gift card from is a mom’s dream site. First, everything is on sale. Second, it sells cute clothing for mom, for her kids, home décor, gadgets, you name it. Third, they have an awesome app so mom can lie in bed in the morning and do some online shopping first thing to start her day off right. Get her a gift card to Jane. Mom wants this.janegc

2.     Patio/deck update

Whether you have a patio or deck that isn’t put to good use or you don’t even really have an outdoor space to spend time outside, it’s time to surprise your wife or mom with a patio or deck update. If the budget allows, you can add outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and luxury furniture. If your budget is limited, you can add a simple floating deck to your yard in a weekend.


3.     Stay-cation

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National Infertility Awareness Week | A Miracle Pregnancy

This week on the Owlet blog we’re recognizing National Infertility Awareness Week. We hope that we can raise awareness of infertility and provide hope and support to families struggling with infertility. 

Hi! My name is Elise Hunter and I am so excited to share my journey with you during National Infertility Awareness Week!

My husband Scott and I were married in November of 2012. I remember that day thinking about all that we would go through together in life. I looked forward to finishing school, buying a house, but mainly starting a family. That last part didn’t go as planned. We became aware that getting pregnant was not going to be easy for us about a year and a half after we were married.

Our first treatment for infertility was Clomid. This is a medication that attempts to start or regulate ovulation- it should basically just be called “crazy pills.” Month after month for 6 months we thought for sure it would work. And month after month the Clomid and the negative pregnancy tests made me more emotionally and physically drained. In October of 2014 we had our first appointment at the fertility center. We were relieved and also confused when all of our diagnostic work came back normal. The doctor assured us that due to our diagnostic results and young age we would be pregnant, with their help, in no time. I remember leaving that first meeting so excited. I would soon have the baby in my arms that I had always dreamed of.

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Free Printable: I’m in Love With a Child I Haven’t Yet Met

This week on the Owlet blog we’re recognizing National Infertility Awareness Week. We hope that we can raise awareness of infertility and provide hope and support to families struggling with infertility. 

I'm in love with a child I haven't met yet

I remember the first time I saw this quote. I was sitting on my couch scrolling through Pinterest right after we started our second round of IUI and this quote just hit home with me. I always hoped we would have children at some point, so I spent a lot of time daydreaming about what our children would look like, how they would act and how much I was already in love with them.

This printable, printed and framed, would be the perfect gift for someone going through infertility and even expecting mothers-to-be! Either way, it’s yours for the printing.

Here’s the download and printing instructions: (Please note, this printable is for personal use only. Thanks to Breezy + Co. for the design!)

  • Click here to download the free printable PDF file. (Click here for a file with crop marks.)
  • Once it downloads, you can either print it on your own home printer or send it to printer, like FedEx office.
  • Frame it (try this one from IKEA—it’s only $6.99) or any 8×10 frame. Alternate idea: use a fun washi tape to affix it to the wall.
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Infertility Awareness: Grateful for this Challenge

Infertility. It’s something that you don’t expect to deal with when you think of your future. You get married, and then next come the babies when you’re ready. As I get older (and wiser with experience!), I’m learning that life has little surprises, valleys and hills along the way, and they help you learn and grow so that you can deal with the next hurdles with more grace.

Jenica Parcell - Guest Post

My husband and I started trying to conceive and after a year with no success, we saw an infertility specialist. Three IUIs and 3 rounds of IVF later, we are at the other side with the upcoming arrival of our boy/girl twins! We climbed the mountain, we fell and got bruised and bled quite a few times, but eventually made it to the top. What I learned through the process is invaluable and I really wouldn’t change the experience because I know that what I learned will help me to be happier and more grateful for my life. It will help me to cope with my future challenges better. There are several habits that I developed to help me cope with the challenges of infertility, and I would love to share those with you if you happen to find yourself on this journey. I’m sure you never planned on it. It’s not something that you prepare to cope for, so I want to share what helped me get through it.

My first principle can really be applied to anyone, in any situation. It’s simple. Don’t get offended. You are the only person that can decide how you feel and how you let others affect you. Sometimes people don’t know what to say when you are talking about infertility, so they end up saying, well, really dumb things! One of the things I heard was, “my husband and I can get pregnant the second we start thinking about it!” For me, it was comparable to me telling them that I was struggling financially, and then having them retort with, “I am so rich!! I don’t even know what to do with all of the money that I have!” Here’s what I thought to myself when I heard someone say insensitive things. First, their intentions were not ill-willed. Those who have not experienced infertility cannot possibly understand the heartache associated with it. I didn’t! I had no idea what it felt like until I experienced it, and it was a lot harder than I thought. In fact, after we started infertility treatments, I remember standing in my closet and sobbing for my friends who had struggled with infertility because I finally understood what they were going through. Be patient with others. None of us are perfect, and I would want someone to be patient with me because I’m sure I have said insensitive remarks in my lifetime without the slightest awareness that I had. Another thought? Even if a comment is ill-willed, who cares! I’m not going to give someone else the control over my happiness.

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