Infant Choking/CPR Guidelines

Even the most diligent parents cannot always avoid accidents. Babies are curious by nature, and any small objects they find could likely end up in their mouth.  At Owlet, we care deeply about the safety of babies everywhere. And although we all hope we will never be faced with a life-threatening situation involving our babies, it is important to be aware of potentially dangerous situations common to babies and to know how to react in those situations.

This post is intended to provide you with the basic skills pertaining to infant choking and CPR. However we recommend looking up a Child and Baby CPR class near you for comprehensive instruction and training in life-saving skills. The American Red Cross offers these classes frequently and they only last a few hours, but the information you will learn is priceless. You can look up a class near you by following this link.

Infant Choking

If you notice the baby is unable to cry or make a sound, or is coughing weakly, follow these steps as outlined by the American Red Cross:

  • Check the scene: make sure it is safe to proceed.
  • Check the infant and send someone to call 9-1-1 immediately
  • If the infant is able to cough, encourage him/her to continue coughing.
  • If the infant cannot cough, cry or breathe, position the baby so that he/she is face down on your forearm, then brace that forearm on your thigh for support and so that the baby’s head is beneath his/her chest.
  • Secure the baby’s head and neck by holding the jaw between your thumb and forefinger
  • Give 5 back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand
  • If this does not dislodge the item, carefully turn the baby face-up on your forearm, again positioned against your thigh so that his/her head is lower than the chest
  • Give 5 chest thrusts using the pads of 2 or 3 fingers, pushing straight down about 1-1/2 inches.
  • Continue alternating between 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts until the item becomes dislodged, the infant can breathe or cough, or the baby becomes unconscious
  • If the baby becomes unconscious, carefully place the baby on the ground and begin CPR

Note: Open the baby’s mouth to check for visibility of the blockage, but ONLY insert your fingers into the baby’s mouth if the blockage is visible to prevent pushing the blockage deeper.

Infant CPR

If a baby is unconscious, unresponsive, or shows no signs of life, then CPR should be administered.  CPR stands for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation.” The purpose is to revive the infant and/or maintain the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and vital organs to prevent permanent damage or death.

CPR consists of chest compressions and rescue breaths, performed alternately.

Here are the steps for performing infant CPR as outlined by the American Red Cross:

  • Check the scene, and make sure it’s safe to proceed.
  • Check for responsiveness in the infant by flicking the bottom of their foot.
  • Instruct someone to call 9-1-1 or, after providing 2 minutes of CPR, call yourself.
  • Lay the child on his/her back and open the airway by tilting the head back slightly and lifting the chin.
  • Listen carefully for breathing, but for no longer than 10 seconds.
    • Note: Infants have periodic breathing, so an irregular breathing pattern should be considered normal.
  • Provide 2 rescue breaths by making a complete seal over the infant’s nose and mouth with your mouth, blowing for one second to make sure the chest rises, and then providing 2 rescue breaths.
  • Perform 2 chest compressions after the rescue breaths.
  • Complete the chest compressions by kneeling next to the infant, and place 2 fingers in the center of the chest just below the nipple line, with the other hand stabilizing the infant’s forehead. Deliver 30 quick compressions. The chest should be compressed about 1-1/2 inches.
  • Continue alternating between rescue breaths and chest compressions until you see signs of revival, an AED is available to use, an EMS or trained responder can take over, you’re too exhausted or it is unsafe to continue.



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Smart Nursery Trends for 2017

Smart nurseries are a growing tech trend. From smart cribs to video monitors, we’ve rounded up five must-have smart nursery trends for your consideration.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera (from $190)
This camera works in harmony with an accompanying app, which you download after the camera is plugged in. One of the great things about the Nest is that it has a built-in speaker and microphone, so you can talk and listen through the app. The night vision capabilities are comprehensive, and you receive 24/7 live video in 1080p HD. You also get a free trial of Nest Aware, which allows you to record the video feed and store it in the cloud.

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale ($129)
The Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad features a plastic base, with a foam top and safety belt, that is comfortable and wipeable, so no changing pad cover is required. It is designed to track your baby’s weight, feeding amounts and diaper changes, and does do through an app that is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

SNOO Smart Sleeper ($1,160)
This basinet is designed for babies from newborn to six months, or until your baby can get up on her hands and knees. You place your baby in a fixed swaddle position, which keeps her on her back, and if your baby begins to cry, the SNOO respond with white noise and gentle motions that mimic the womb, to ensure that your baby gets her best sleep.

Naya Smart Breast Pump ($999)
The Naya Smart Breast Pump boasts patent-pending HydroComfort Technology that uses water instead of air to gently massage and help express milk more efficiently and quickly. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 180 minutes, which equates to about two days of pumping for most women. You can also pair it with the free Naya Health Tracker, which will automatically track your pumping sessions, milk supply and daily and weekly stats. It is composed of fewer parts than traditional pumps, is lightweight and comes with all of the accessories you’ll need for successful pumping.

Owlet Baby Monitor ($249.99)
It goes without saying that the Owlet Baby monitor is an innovative and useful addition to any smart nursery. Its comfortable sock uses pulse oximetry technology to track your infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. The Owlet is designed to sound an alert if your child’s heart rate goes too high or too low, as well as if their oxygen levels dip below a preset level. And, it syncs to your smartphone via WIFI, as well as to a base station in your child’s room.

What do you think about these smart nursery trends? Would you splurge on any of these items?


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National Napping Day – 5 Naptime Hacks for New Moms

Did you know that National Napping Day is a thing? I, for one, am thrilled. (Now, if only my children would cooperate.) I remember those first days of having a newborn and not getting a lot of sleep. So today, in honor of National Napping Day, I’m sharing five naptime hacks for new moms. Here’s to getting a little more sleep!

1. Delegate chores and other household tasks. 
After my first child was born, I remember feeling like I needed to get back into my old routine ASAP. I felt like I should be cleaning or doing laundry or checking in with work emails (despite being on maternity leave) when I had a free minute. Not the best plan for a sleep-deprived mama. I had so many resources to draw from that I learned to delegate these duties to willing family members and friends. That way, I could focus on the baby, and also free up time to nap.

2. Avoid excessive caffeine.
As someone who heavily relies on caffeine, I know this one can be difficult to implement. However, excessive caffeine intake can mask your need for sleep and actually inhibit you from falling asleep when you finally have a minute to do so. Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that nursing moms limit their intake to equate to about one cup of coffee per day since it can affect your baby.

3. Pump, pump, pump.
If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, you can pump your milk so that you can sleep during times that baby needs to eat. If your spouse is home during a feeding, let him feed the baby while you take a power nap. (This is also a great idea for nighttime feedings. Switch off so that you can get better, longer stretches of sleep.)

4. Don’t try to be the perfect host. 
If family or close friends are visiting, don’t feel like you need to be the perfect host. Instead, ask if they wouldn’t mind watching the baby while you take a little power nap. That way, your visitors get some good newborn snuggling time, and you get a rest. It’s a win-win.

5. Nap when baby naps. 
When I was a new mom, I received this advice a lot, and at first I didn’t take it. But seriously, the chores and everything else can wait. Don’t be afraid to sleep during naptime, even if it’s only for part of your baby’s nap. Remember, your body and mind need to recover from your baby’s birth, and sleep is so restorative. Silence your phone and sleep… or, at the very least, lie down and put your feet up.

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What People Are Saying About Owlet

At Owlet, our dedication to helping new parents get a little more sleep has not wavered. Parents are still telling us about the more restful sleep and eased-worries they experience because of their Owlet Monitors. And we love sharing their reviews and stories with the world so more parents can hear about the peace of mind that comes from using an Owlet Monitor. Here’s what some of our Owlet family has to say about their Owlet Monitors:

“The owlet allows me to sleep better at night knowing my baby is being monitored. I wish this was available for all of my kids but glad I got to use it for my last one.”

-Aunt Tiffers, Brooksville, FL

“Now that I have had this for several months and have experienced just how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders with the amount of anxiety I had in the beginning, I can easily say that I would have paid double for this thing. I think this is one of the best things a new mom could have. I will use this till it physically won’t fit my daughter any more and I will be sure to use it with my next.”

-BKeener, Manassas, Virginia

“I love this product. I not only use it to monitor my 2mo’s readings during the night but also to know when he is in deep sleep so I can make some noise (be able to move) without waking him up . This gives us better sleep quality and this is highly appreciated with newborns.”

-Ale, Orlando, FL

“As a Nurse Practitioner in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, I feel extremely grateful for this product. It works extremely well, and thanks to the three different alarms- we’ve never had to fly out of bed because we know what each alarm signals. Basically, we’ve never had a false alarm because of the way this monitor works. I’m so grateful and confident in the owlet that I recommend it to everyone with a baby. Everyone.”

-T, Edgewater, NJ

“I received this product as a gift (per my request) and it is THE best baby item I have. I love it, plain and simple. I love even more so how you can view your baby’s vitals live when you’re not even at home! I recommend this product to all my friends who have or are expecting babies.”

Sharona, Arizona

 “I love the Owlet! I never write reviews for any products but I feel so strongly about this one and want to share it with other new moms. It gives me peace of mind to sleep every night as a new mom.”

-White, New Orleans

“[I] Am a grandmother. Purchased for daughter and 2 others. All agree that it is best baby product.”

-Susan, Charlotte, NC

“I purchased my Owlet for my daughter when she was 3 weeks old, and my first question was “how was I living without this?!” The Owlet gave my husband and I such peace of mind!!”

-Kimberly, Ohio

“We love our owlet! It was a gift from my mom and we have slept great since having it. It gives me a peace of mind and allows me to sleep while my baby sleeps!”

-Sydnee Stanco, Menifee, CA

“As a new Mom that worries about everything, this product absolutely lessened my anxiety at night and during naps when I first brought my daughter home.”

-AMK, Wisconsin

“I got the owlet after talking with a friend who had it and absolutely love it. It is the only reason I get a good night sleep.”

-New mom, Sioux Falls, SD

“Such a great product! We have had almost no troubles out our Owlet and when we did have a problem with it charging, customer service took care of the problem right away. My son has showed absolutely no discomfort from using it. The Owlet has been such a blessing and probably saved both myself, my husband, and my son lots of sleep. It is reassuring to wake up in the middle of the night and see that green glow… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”

-Wildcat84, Pikeville, KY

“I wanted to post something about my experience with our Owlet baby monitor. We purchased ours back in February of last year shortly after watching a video about how it worked and what it did. When my daughter was born she was a bit premature being born at 36-1/2 weeks. Making sure she was safe was our biggest concern.

Our Owlet allows my wife and I to get some much needed rest when the little one is asleep. Knowing that a third pair of eyes was watching over her was a huge weight off of our shoulders. When we could sleep we rested a little bit easier knowing that our Owlet was helping us keep our baby girl safe. I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for this product.”

-John Q, Great Falls, MT

“I love the peace of mind this brings. I suffered from post partum anxiety after our first child and my husband told me we were buying this regardless of price with our second so I could sleep and not worry so much. It made a huge difference.”

-Lindsay, Houston, TX


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